Ourlook Optical Technology Company Ltd


have by using advanced micro-nano technology developed our own Anti-Blue-Ray (ABR) optical lens system. Blue Ray is a significant cause of eye deterioration and believe our products should make a significant contribution to combating this problem. We use a proprietary technology that combines micro-nano materials with optical lenses. We are therefore proud to be an industry pioneer and one of only a handful of companies worldwide able to offer a solution to this ever increasing problem. Our lenses have been well received in China because as well as being Anti Blue Ray our lenses are also negative refraction proof, electromagnetic radiation proof and can be a break for optical diffraction limits. They can also improve vision in different situations such as reducing headlight glare at night, improving visual sensory depth in cloudy, rainy and foggy weather, blocking blue-ray from computer screens, mobile phones, LED lights etc.

Medical goggles
Reading glasses